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*** MOVING ***   
12:10am 11/04/2007
mood: accomplished
I'm moving my blog to a domain I actually own. Clever huh? So now when I have a wild urge to play with new blog software I'm only a dns change and a few hours of exporting/importing xml away from a seamless transition.

I love this guy.   
04:41pm 06/04/2007
mood: awake
I swear he has a little microphone inside my head.

05:27pm 03/04/2007
mood: hungry
Exploration makes one wiser;
Even if the only wisdom gained
is to know where not to return.

--Tommy Dewar (1864-1930)

I have to love this quote.  Not only does it sum up my feelings on new england in a nice little ball.  It was also said by someone who is responsible for making a ton of whisky.  The symmetry is beautiful.  I think if I were stuck here, I would be on the hard alcohol making business too.  Either that or I'd become a monk.  I've pretty much stopped drinking already because I'm nurturing a dislike for the culture.  So all I need to do is give up all my worldly possessions and go sit outside a temple with a little food and a change of clothes until they let me in. 

But that assumes I'm stuck.  And I'm not.  So, on with getting the hell out of Dodge.
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Friday sweet Friday   
11:52am 23/03/2007
mood: calm
I think how we deal with unreasonable situations defines who we are as people. And also, I think I should say my favorite word in the English language is widdershins.
08:30pm 19/03/2007
mood: working
Today apparently marks the end of year four of the US occupation of Iraq. Technically it's not really occupation since we disposed the local government. Semantics aside, I wonder what will come from all of this. Actually, thinking about it just now, I wonder if the current administration thinks this will turn out something like Italy. Eventually people get so used to US presence that we get to build a massive military presence in the area and have it completely overlooked by the locals. I suppose that would be the best case scenario. Not likely, but the best case.

Also, the job hunt is officially underway. If anyone knows of a principle architect job or some other brand of tech liaison or middling manager, email me.
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03:03pm 15/03/2007
mood: calm
Well, I didn't get the job. If you'd asked me 2 weeks ago I wouldn't have really been surprised. The fact that they were flying me out made me think it was likely tho. Supposedly they really liked me and tried to figure out how to make my skill set fit into their organization, but it just didn't. Oh well, now I can get one that is more in the location I want and with the timing I would like to have. So I'll wait a couple weeks and start looking on my own.

Such is life. At least the rest is amazing.
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02:41am 14/03/2007
mood: aggravated
Have I mentioned that I hate waiting?

[03:15] x*e: yeah... I'm sure it's not a complex mod.. just a little bit of soldering and trying to cram the parts into a small space...
[03:19] l*a: I think you just proved that being a geek is really just a replacement for getting nookie
[03:21] x*e: HAHA! I did!
08:38pm 13/03/2007
mood: frustrated
I HATE WAITING!!!! Hate hate hate hate hate hate waiting... Bah. So yeah, I'm still waiting for that job offer. Supposedly I should take comfort in the fact that no's are immediate and yes's take time. Once again, bah. I wish I had half the confidence everyone else does that they are going to go through with it.

It is funny. As amazingly well as my life is going right now. It seems to require a lot of patience from me.

The best think I've heard today. "To those that I have inadvertently hurt through my stupidity, I apologize. To those that I have advertently hurt, you probably deserved it." --Some guy
Claude is a hypochondriac   
12:41am 06/03/2007
mood: bouncy
My car hates the cold weather. It comes up with all sorts of lame problems when the temperature drops below zero.  When the weather is warm, we are solid.  The weather drops to single digits and we start finding reasons not to drive. Sadly I think today I might have given it a real problem. :(

I was driving down the street and it was a whopping 9 degrees out. I hadn't been driving for long so it was idling around 250 rpm. Which is too low in case you were curious. Lately it has taken to doing this and then dying when I come to a stop at a stop light.  And I've figure this out and am no longer letting it off the hook.  In the past it has done things like completely drain the battery.  (I'm not sure how it does this, but it did it for about 4 weeks in a row, then stopped.)  It refuses to tell me how much gas I have.  It will beep at me, say fault and then shut off.  It will assume that I am breaking into the car and disable the engine or any number of other fun things.  Luckily I know now that he is just being a fickle bitch.  But I digress.  So I was driving to work today and it did that die at the stop sign thing.  It was the second time it did that and without thinking I turned the key off, dropped it back to park and tried to start it.  Stupid stupid stupid seth.  You don't put a 5000lb car in park while it's still rolling.  It makes an awful clattering gear noise and then grinds to a halt.  Stupid stupid stupid.   Then my little information panel (and bane of my existence) comes on and says "gearbox fault".  Crap.  So I popped back to neutral, rolled to the side, shut the car off, restarted it, it beeped at me but everything worked flawlessly.  I think I'm going to pull the battery cable tonight and reset the computer.  Hopefully the message goes away and it's just telling me that to rub in the fact that I'm a moron.  Cars. 

I heard a great expression yesterday. It was something about the way politicians dance around topics without wanting to actually say anything that might offend anyone and they said "They were dancing around the turd trying to pick it up be the clean end." I giggled. It was good. I apologize for any amazing girls that I might have offended. :-P

And also, Friday I have an full day interview in SF.  Wish me luck.  Money, position and location.  It doesn't get much better in job terms.  And NOW I'm getting nervous.
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"Sounds good dudentit?"   
04:34pm 03/03/2007
mood: giddy

This is from a group of guys in England called Live On Sky. I'm still sorta amazed at how much fun these things are. I definitely need to get some knee/shin pads tho. The little front bar puts pressure on the top of your shin every time you step. It doesn't hurt the first few hundred times, but after a while you get this weird kind of bruise. It doesn't change color, it just *hurts*.

In other news; my life is beautiful.
12:07am 02/03/2007
mood: sleepy

Wow...... really wow.......

I'm kind of speechless... I just kept thinking it couldn't possibly get any worse... And then it did.

I wonder what other gems like this they showed me as an impressionable youth.
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09:49pm 27/02/2007
mood: enthralled
Owie, my portfolio hurts.

Buying the Quran.   
05:35pm 25/02/2007
mood: hungry
So I have finally experienced my first little bit of religious persecution. I have to say it was an odd feeling. At first I was sort of shocked, then I was sort of defensive, then a little annoyed. All within the space of about 10 minutes. Yesterday I went down to the book store to buy a copy of the Quran. I actually read the whole thing. People talk about it constantly and it annoys me how many of them know nothing of the culture, much less anything about the actual book. So I bumped it to the top of my reading list.

Anyway, this is how it went down. I go into the book store. A geriatric white man greets me at the door and demands my backpack. (So in fairness he did start out being a dick.) So I surrender my pack and head into the stacks. I rummage around and find the religious wing of the book store, then find the bookshelf of "alternative" religions, then find the shelf of Islam. No Quran. Mostly books about "Dealing with Islam" and things of that sort. Which annoys me on principal. So I head back to the front. "Hi, do you have a copy of the Quran?" "No." "I just want a copy of the book, not a commentary or anything." "No, we don't have that" A helpful girl chimes in "sure we do, I'll show you." (Horray for pretty blond girls.) The old man scowls and looks down. So I have my copy of the Quran and I pick up a copy of Through the looking glass that is on sale. Look around for a little more and head up to the front. Another, more friendly geriatric greets me at the register. I plop down my 2 books, say hi and ask if they take american express. He says he's pretty sure they wont pay for that book. So I say ok and plop down a Visa card. I figure I might as well pretend. So he's looking at my name on the card and says. "Seth, is that short for Sethram or something?" "Nope, that's the whole thing." "To bad it's not in the Bible." (Seriously, what?!) "Actually Seth was the 3rd son of Adam and Eve." "Well, good that you know that." So I collect my bag and head out into the world with a vaguely discontent feeling.

Later quite a few people from there area were like "Yeah? And? Why would you buy that anyway?" Stupid humans.
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04:13pm 19/02/2007
mood: awake
This looks nice, I'd like to be there right now:
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New England Dressing Guide   
02:30pm 18/02/2007
mood: mellow
(Sorry to anyone who's face is on here. If you don't like it, let me know, I'll take it down, all that stuff.)

Rules for dressing in Boston:
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A case for polygamy   
12:14am 16/02/2007
mood: thirsty
This is SO beautiful:


So you thought my post about relationships being like distance minimizing algorithms was odd? This is even better. Relationships are like simple circuits.

Not only does this analogy neatly explain my reason for polyamory, it also neatly explains my take on monogamy. When you finally have a connection with 0 resistance, all the other connections suddenly don't seem worth putting any current through. Hence, the circuit can be optimized by removing the extraneous components.

12:00am 10/02/2007
mood: drained
It seems to me that the struggle to be happy in life shares a lot with distance optimizing algorithms. I know, I know, just come with me on this. It's just where my brain is wandering at the moment. Distance can exist between many things; between two points in space, between two ideas, between two emotions, between two states of mind, between two states of being and probably between countless others.

So the real trick is finding the optimal combination of factors so that the distance between all relevant points is as small as possible. So if you have 5 out of 7 distances optimized at the expense of 2, then you're doing better than you were when you had 1 perfect and the other 6 completely unoptimized.

So yeah, that's the basic idea. I rambled on for a couple more paragraphs and then decided that it was mostly pointless because the idea was fully presented in the first paragraph. So woohoo. Goodnight.
New Toy!   
09:15pm 08/02/2007
mood: devious

I just got my power stilts in the mail today. They are awesome!!! I didn't get to actually try them out until I got back from jujitsu class tho. In about 10 minutes I went from not being able to stand up to actually walking around the house and up stairs. Then as I was walking by the kitchen counter my body started sending those "Oh dear god, what are you doing to me" signals to my actual brain. So I sat down on the counter and realized my entire body was suddenly completely useless. Ever do anything really physical for a while and tire out your nervous system? Supposedly it actually has to do with running out of neurochemicals along new pathways. If you haven't used a pathway much, it doesn't stockpile enough of those little ions to keep working for very long. So then it looses the ability to function properly. If you leave it alone it'll make random nerve noise which gives you the shakes. Or if you force yourself to keep going your body will attempt to find different ways to accomplish the same thing. That's what makes people move oddly when they are past the point of fatigue. It's a really odd feeling. Anyway. Apparently 1 hour of randori + 10 minutes of power walker is about the neurological equivalently of 5 hours in the half pipe or 8 hours of mountain biking.

Right now my body is a happy little puddle and I don't think I could make it move for anything short of food or a house fire. Or sex. Or possibly an even more comfy chair.

Also, I really liked this episode of the show.
06:41pm 04/02/2007
mood: awake
So. Right. I should post a real blog. I'd actually dearly love to be able to put down everything that is swirling around in my head. But I can't really. Mostly because I don't think I'd really be able to articulate it.

Pretty much every part of my life is nebulous right now. At least for the first time in a while I don't feel like it's a bad nebulous. It's a good swirling, impending feeling. It's a nice feeling. Like everything is going to be ok. It feels a bit like my world is crumbling beneath me. Not for the first time of course, but it seems like every time it happens I get better at flying instead of falling. Actually, that's not really the right flavor to the analogy. It's more like life is blooming? The outer petals are moving away to expose the blossom. But they aren't leaving. They stay and make up the flower. I've heard of late bloomers but this is ridiculous. :)
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idea for later   
11:39pm 30/01/2007
  I want to explore the idea of pseudo-success. Specifically how it is a thought trap for people that believe in the american ideal.

That is pretty much a note for me for later.